Cool STEM Jobs: Beyond the Number Crunching

The demand for STEM jobs is off the charts, but many job seekers don’t know half the positions out there. STEM jobs aren’t just your typical crunching numbers or lab work, there are STEM jobs out there that are pretty cool!

Cool STEM Jobs

STEM jobs come in a range of options, from video game building to uncovering shipwrecks, if you master these fundamental skills you could have pretty cool job. Here are  some of the coolest STEM jobs around.

Music Data Journalist: In the past, the music industry has been known as a purely creative industry, but there are all sorts of positions that now build a solid foundation into what the industry is today, including music data journalists. These professionals create a narrative around music data and educate others on the value of data and technology. They write about trends, buzzworthy events, appearances, and even feature artists who are on the rise. Using technical software, mySQL, and other tools is a daily part of this job but having a communication degree doesn’t hurt if you’re interested in pursuing this STEM career.

Music Machine Learning Engineer: These are the people who serve up recommendations for your favorite jams. Based on large-scale machine learning algorithms, these professionals collect data and make sense of it all to improve user experience, create better products, work with artists, and more.

Underwater archaeologist: This fascinating field brings archaeology below sea level. These professionals specialize in nautical archaeology where they get to explore shipwrecks and other structures related to marine life. From deep dives below the shallow depths, to dredging areas to uncover artifacts, there are many times when these individuals are on the water.

Legoland Designer: Who wouldn’t love playing with legos all day? While these professionals might not have that much freedom, they do get the opportunity to build models at Legoland. There are multiple programs like, Rhino and Photoshop, these individuals use to create the models. From concept to finished product, there is a lot of creativity that goes into this STEM career.

Gaming Designer: This is another job where you wonder, who wouldn’t love playing around on video games all day? While it’s not that simple, these professionals have the complex tasks of creating the characters, levels, animation and more. In some cases, they even write code for the video games. Depending on the position, they might even have to do project management. At the end of the day, these are the people who get to create a video game concept and help build it from the ground up.

Animator: These creative individuals not only create the characters we all know and love, but they also use many STEM skills to along the way. They create multiple images with frames, that give the illusion of movement. Because of the demand for these professionals, there are multiple career paths to choose from. From filmmaking to video games, animators are creative individuals who have stronger scientific backgrounds than the classic animators of Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny.

Ethical Hacker: Doesn’t that just sound cool? Hacking has a negative connotation to it, but it isn’t always a bad thing. These individuals help protect others from the “bad” hackers out there. They hack into networks to test and/or evaluate the security. They must understand how to determine weaknesses and vulnerabilities in a system, the same way a malicious hacker would.