Applying online can be a grueling process. Between sending countless resumes and cover letters to not hearing back from potential employers, it can be a big blow when you’re a job seeker. But how is that some candidates land interviews after just one shot? Career network studied the online search habits of job seekers and determined what makes an online job search successful.

successful job candidates

Joe Weinlick, vice president of marketing for says it’s tough because job searching online is like “millions of people fishing in the same lake.” There are subtle things that successful job candidates do to improve their odds…. broke job seekers into two groups who spent 40 hours a month searching for jobs, applying for positions weekly and using social media during their search. The two groups basically performed the same actions but what explains the success behind candidates who received one or more job offers?

Beyond’s survey determined that it comes down to three factors, resume customization, researching the company before applying, and attention to detail.

Successful job candidates “research the company, and then use this knowledge to highlight the most relevant experience on [their] résumé,” Weinlick said. “And if you have the opportunity to send a cover letter, demonstrate your enthusiasm for the company and opportunity while briefly highlighting why you are right for the position.” Candidates who received job offers were 7% more likely to research companies before submitting an application.

These individuals don’t procrastinate. When an opportunity presents itself, they apply right away, which in turn makes them 7% more likely to land a job. These candidates demonstrate good time management skills and don’t waste time applying for positions that aren’t a good fit. They focus on positions that seem like a good fit for their career path.

Job seekers who tailor their resumes and cover letters to specific jobs are more likely to be chosen because it shows attention to detail and awareness. Candidates who send highly customized resumes are 10% more likely to receive an offer than candidates who send a generic resume.

If you’re a job seeker who needs some direction, take these three factors into consideration. To read the full press release, visit