Five Challenges in Veteran Transition

The Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Program is an official Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Veterans Services Program, mandated by the governor of the state of Virginia.


Virginia has a unique opportunity to help Veterans gain career employment. While Virginia ranks 12th among states in total population, the Commonwealth ranks 7th in total Veteran population and 4th in Veteran working-age population. While many employers are unaware of the value Veterans can bring to their workforce, thousands more are seeking to hire Veterans as a part of their workforce but don’t know how.

Two of the most frequent questions pertaining to Veteran employment, from an employer’s perspective are, “Why should I hire a Veteran?” and “Where can I find Veterans to hire?” The Virginia Values Veterans ) (V3) Program not only aims to educate and train companies on why it is a good business decision to recruit, hire, train, and retain Veterans, but also to help those committed companies meet their hiring goals.


The V3 Program provides education, training, and connectivity resources to assist companies to recruit, hire, and retain a highly-skilled, well-educated, and easily-trained leadership talent pool: Virginia’s Veterans.

Information on the program and how it can benefit job seekers may be found at Virginia Values Veterans:

Go to, click on the “Looking for People” tab, then view “Veterans Solutions” to see more for information on our Veterans Solutions for Employers. Please join our LinkedIn group, Veterans Hiring Solutions for Veterans at If you have specific questions about hiring veterans or the incentives for doing so, contact me at [email protected].