The Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) has been a partner of TAD PGS for nearly five years. Their founder and President, Bonnie Carroll, is an amazing lady who has built an amazing organization based on a profound need since 1994.
The TAPS program provides compassionate care and support for the survivors of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice while serving. TAPS has helped over 85,000 family members caregivers and casualty officers since their founding.

As part of their Memorial Day programs, they are sponsoring a ‘Good Grief Camp”. “This year, we carry on that tradition of support with a weekend full of love, connection and comfort for all they have gone through. But we can’t do it without the help of hundreds of volunteers.

Each of the 600 children in our Good Grief Camp will be paired with a veteran of the Armed Forces who serves as a Military Mentor.
Mentors are trained by TAPS staff and volunteer in groups with kids ages 4-18. Experienced group leaders design engaging lessons and activities throughout the weekend. The one-on-one support that a Military Mentor gives lets TAPS kids examine their grief, honor their loved one and know that they are not alone”.

They need veteran mentors for the program. The veterans will be trained by TAPS staff and provide support and help for the children in helping them to cope with and understand their grief. There is no greater honor than to help those in need.

TAPS will be providing the ‘Good Grief Camp’ in Arlington, Virginia. For further details and more information about TAPS, go to TAPS.