A critical part of your job search is your resume. Make sure that you put your best foot forward and avoid these eight mistakes.

1) Sloppiness – Typos, misspelling, and outdated fonts are just a few of the errors that are unforgivable. Check, recheck and double check your resume for correctness. Have someone else review it. A new set of eyes can be invaluable.

2) Summaries that are too long – You are not writing a book, consider bullet points for your summary.

3) Too many buzzwords – Out of the box, team player, skilled communicator. Really? How many times have you seen these worn out phrases already? A Hiring Manager sees them all the time too.

4) Starting a bullet point with “Responsible for” – Only coveys the job responsibilities, not whether you fulfilled the responsibilities. Be job specific.

5) Being too formal – Overly formal resumes do not present a true view of your personality.

6) Sticking to a template – Hiring Managers have seen every template and are not impressed. Use them as a guide and be more unique.

7) Using awkward white space – Proper use of white space can make your resume more readable and comfortable for the reader.

8) Taking up too much space for your contact information – Condense your contact information. Do not take up valuable space.

Your resume is your first contact with your hiring manager or potential employer. Use these points to review your resume and remember brevity is a plus. I recently saw an 18-page resume. Do you really think I took the time to read it?

For more details see Aine Cain’s article at Business Insider.

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