Human Resource Managers and Hiring Managers interview hundreds of people on an ongoing basis. Interestingly, they are unanimous in their descriptions of serious errors that job seekers make when they show up for an interview that they have worked so hard to get.

1) Show up too late or too early. While you may be eager to get into the interview, showing up to early can inconvenience the staff and make you look overeager. Showing up too late is the worse to the two sins as the Hiring Manager expects promptness. No excuses.

2) Wearing inappropriate clothing. Always show up in appropriate, professional clothing. It is better to be overdressed than to casual.

3) Do not badmouth your previous boss or employer. This can make you look hard to get along with, or worse, negative. You need appear positive in all respects.

4) Being unprepared. Always bring a copy of your resume with you even if you think the hiring manager has one. Investigate the company and prepare for any questions you might think would be asked of you. Anticipate interview questions and be prepared.

5) Responding poorly to interview questions. This follows number four. Be prepared and respond with matter of fact direct responses. Taking a minute to pose a response is acceptable, particularly when you are not sure of the response and may blurt out a poor response.

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