The goal of these sessions is to help veteran entrepreneurs develop better business plans, understand their markets, and gain a keener understanding of the investment process. Specific tutorials will be given on financials, intellectual property, term sheet, and the importance of boards and advisors.

On 29 October 2013, more than 80 different Angel and early stage investment groups, representing approximately $1 billion in investable wealth will be joining forces with National Defense University Foundation to work directly with young military veteran entrepreneurs seeking to start their own businesses. Too often, young military veterans have been overlooked by the investment community that seeks out entrepreneurs and provides the start-up capital needed to launch a new business. We believe that veteran-owned companies and start-ups are solid investment choices that potentially offer investors significant returns.

With direct support from the Angel Venture Forum (AVF) the NDU Foundation will help identify and prepare veteran entrepreneurs to participate in the Veterans Venture Forum. Veteran Entrepreneurs will be given an opportunity to directly pitch the merits of their start-up companies to the largest gathering of Angel Investors in the mid-Atlantic region.

The goal is simple; the foundation believes that Veterans have a unique set of skills, discipline, courage and ability. If given the chance, our veterans are more than capable of launching and building successful companies.

The Veterans Venture Forum is going to give them that chance.

For further information about the National Defense University programs, go to:—veterans-venture-forum

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