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Found a job you’d love to have, but don’t meet all the requirements? It might be tempting to exaggerate your skills or take some liberties on your achievements, but don’t think employers won’t notice.
Hiring Managers will quickly find inconsistencies and fabrications on a resume. That is their job. If they do, your resume will go no further than the wastebasket. While lying can ultimately come back to bite you, it’s easy to understand why some job seekers are willing to take that risk. They have very little time to grab the attention of the people reviewing their resumes. According to the survey, 2 in 5 hiring managers spend less than a minute looking at a resume, and 1 in 4 spend less than 30 seconds. Make these seconds more valuable by telling the truth.

Are you sabotaging yourself? 7 resume mistakes you need to stop making:

1) You don’t proofread. 77% of hiring managers say they immediately throw away resumes with typos or bad grammar. Check and double check.

2) Your email address is unprofessional. IM2cute@….. Really? Be professional.

3) Your resume lacks results. Highlight how you have increased production or sales revenue or some verifiable metric.

4) Your resume is an eyesore. 25 percent of hiring managers won’t even bother with your resume if it’s just long paragraphs of text. Make your resume easier to read by breaking it into sections with bold headlines (education, work history, etc.) and use bullets to break up the text.

5) You don’t customize your resume. Tailor your resume to the position you are applying for. Do not use generic resumes for every application.

6) Keep your resume short, no more than two pages.

7) Do not include a cover letter. Most hiring managers will not read a cover letter.

Keep your resume honest, professional and brief for your best results!
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