Job Search


You have networked, applied, followed up and done everything you “should do” for months and you have not received one job offer. What is going on? Are there changes you should make?

Robert May, of The Muse, has been there, done that and offers some insights that may be worth considering.

Are you making your value clear? Focus on your qualifications, skill sets and the value you bring to the company. Do not get off track on personal stories or other unrelated information. Stay focused on why you are doing this.

Would you be excited to read your cover letter? Read your cover letter like you are a recruiter. Does it make sense? Does it say what you are really trying to get across? Have a friend read it as well. Don’t be afraid to be creative and put your best asset forward. Yourself!

Do I actually want any of these jobs? If you do not feel comfortable with a job, a recruiter will certainly be able to see that in your body language or conversation. Maybe it’s time to take a career analysis test and see where your strengths are and focus there. There are many free assessment tests available. You might be surprised.

For further details see Robert’s article at The Muse.

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