Fall is a great time for job seekers to kick it into high gear and try to land a job. It’s usually the last quarter for most companies so they still have budgets left for hiring and many companies take full advantage of hiring new employees during this time of year so they don’t lose the money allocated to hiring efforts.

If you’ve take time off from job searching during the summer months, now is a great time to get back into action with these fall job search tips.

fall job search tips

Scheduling time: Getting back into the fall job search can be tough after a summer hiatus, as your job search picks up so do all of your other commitments so sync up your schedule with others and block out time to look for jobs. If you don’t, you might miss out on your next dream job.

Update your resume: This is the time to look at your resume and see if there are any areas to update. Have you taken on more responsibility? Did you exceed a goal? Revamp your resume to make yourself stand out from the rest of the Fall crowd. Take a fresh look at your resume and see where you can market yourself better.

Have a timeline: If you want to get hired by the end of the year, it’s a good idea to keep some sort of timeline somewhere so you can follow along. Thanksgiving is slow time for hiring so be aware and be prepared over the next few months to move forward with your search. People do get hired during the holidays but they are usually already in motion by Thanksgiving so take time to figure out where you want to be.

Refresh your online presence: This is a great time of year to start adding blog content or updating your LinkedIn more professional content you find interesting. Comment on LinkedIn groups, review social media profiles, and remove anything that might be negatively impacting your job search. You want your online presence to showcase you as a professional.

Start now: Fall is in the air and companies are ready to hire. If you have target companies you’re interested in, don’t wait. Jump on the opportunities and start networking, building relationships, or reaching out to employees you might know. Even if you don’t have a clear idea of where you want to go, seize the day and start coming up with a thorough, job search plan to help you move forward.

Take this time to really figure out what you want from your next position and go after it. A lot of companies have plenty of budget left to hire employees so stay up to date with the companies you’re interested in and be prepared to apply when an opportunity arises.