When I wrote “How to Negotiate Salary for Jobs Outside of Your Zip Code”, I included a few solid tips including:

  • Using salary.com to find out the low, average and high end of the salary range for a particular industry or position you are looking at.
  • Reviewing how much your total compensation package is worth.
  • Comparing cost of living using CNN’s calculator.

Here are several more online tools for doing your research that were mentioned in a recent Careerealism article called, “Find Out How Much You’re Worth to Employers.”

It’s more than just using these tips though.  You also have to negotiate.  Here are 10 questions you should be asking during your next salary negotiation from Matthew DeLuca, author of several career related books.

1. “Thanks — is this a firm job offer?”
2. “Is this negotiable?”
3. “Is this base only?”
4. “When would you like an answer?”
5. “Will I get the offer in writing?”
6. “Will there be a sign-on bonus?”
7. “What is the start date?”
8. “May I please have a job description?”
9. “How and when will I be evaluated, and will there be an increase on the basis of that evaluation?”
10. “Regarding benefits, please provide the details — when do they start?”

Do you have experience utilizing the tools above?  Are there other tools that you would like to suggest?