Pre-screening candidates is a growing trend during the interview process. It saves time on both ends and is a simple way to see whether the candidate is worth pursuing. There are a few different reasons for conducting phone interviews and we have some tips to help prepare!

Phone Interview Tips

This may be an obvious one, but answer your phone. Phone interviews are usually scheduled, so be available when the interviewer calls. Put everything aside and stay focused on the prize. If the interview isn’t scheduled and a recruiter calls at a bad time, don’t hesitate to let the person know or ask if you could call back.

Research the company. A great plus about phone interviews is you can have notes to reference. Before the interview do your homework and make a list of questions you might be asked and write down answers. Prepare just as you would for an in person interview and have the notes in front of you during the call.



Stay focused and listen carefully to what the interviewer is saying. Take notes so you are prepared for responses and so you have something to reference later. Let the interview finish their thoughts and be attentive.


It’s a lot hard to read a person over the phone so speak clearly and get your point across. In an in person interview there are many visual cues that can help or hinder the interview but a phone interview is all about what and how you say it. While nerves get the best of us, try to stay calm and not ramble off point.

End on a positive note. Take time to thank the interviewer and reinforce why you are a good fit for the position.

Whether you’re doing an in person interview or over the phone, wait a few hours and send a follow up thank you. It doesn’t have to be long, just take time to show your appreciation for them taking time out of their busy schedule. Make sure you reiterate your interest and let them know you’re looking forward to hearing from them, leave the ball in their court.

Phone interviews do have some benefits over in person, so if you listen closely and do your research, you might just land your next job!