The federal job market is gearing up for a boost in jobs.

After a difficult slump in federal hiring, government agencies are ramping up hiring initiatives and beginning to announce new job availability.

According to AARP, the federal government is expected to hire around 95,000 new workers this year, which is 15,000 more than 2013. These tips will help job seekers stay ahead of the game so you don’t miss out on your dream job.

The open periods for jobs are getting shorter.
It’s becoming a common practice to have shorter periods for job openings, especially for jobs which are expected to bring in a lot of candidates. Create Google Alerts and monitor job sites daily so you don’t miss the opportunity. Here’s a few places to get you started:

Go Government
Feds Hire Vets

Also remember, keyword searches. This can be very helpful when searching for a specific area or job you are interested in.

Be application ready. When a job posting is published, you will have the upper hand because you’ve already done your homework on the jobs you are interested in and you are prepared with a targeted resume that won’t take long to tweak. The federal hiring process can be lengthy so have a few resumes prepared to send out for different areas you’re interested in.

Networking for federal hiringNetwork. This can’t be said enough. If there’s a certain area you want to focus on, reach out to professionals in the industry, that way you get a better feel for what to expect when you land the job. Use LinkedIn and other sites to connect and network with as many people as possible. The more you network, the more you get your name out there.

Check out the agencies’ job board. Once you know which agency you want to work for, target that website and check back frequently so you don’t miss a beat.

Don’t give up. Government jobs don’t happen over night. The federal hiring process can be very lengthy. It can easily take around 4 months to get hired so keep pushing forward and apply to as many positions as you feel needed. The more persistent you are, the better return you’ll receive.

This year is a great time to start searching for government jobs. More opportunities and an increase in hiring initiatives are opening a lot of doors for job seekers. Stay persistent, be prepared, and network until you meet your goals.