Tom Brewer is a retired U. S Air Force Master Sergeant and career Security and Military Intelligence professional having completed his military career as Superintendent of Industrial Security at Headquarters, U. S. Special Operations Command.  He has near 30 years of experience in planning, directing, and supervising operations ranging from criminal investigations to worldwide tactical deployments including Desert Shield/Storm and Operation Enduring Freedom with both U. S. Department of Defense (DoD) and DoD civilian contractors.  He has held numerous security management positions and is an expert in the protection of classified materials and VIPs.

Tom was recruited by TAD PGS Inc.,and has been with the company four years.  When asked what skills learned in the military have served him well in the civilian workplace, Tom said leadership, organizational skills, the teamwork and a “Get it done Right” attitude were at the top of a long list.

Tom feels that TAD PGS Inc., is a veteran friendly company and that transitioning from the military into the company was easily accomplished because the military skills he brought with him translated into the company framework.

Military Occupation: AFSC 3P071 Security Forces

Retired: 6/1/2005

Deployments include Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Desert Shield/Storm

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