If you want to earn more in 2017, moving to a new city might just be what you need to enhance your career and bank account.

Top Cities With Highest Earning Potential In 2017

Where you live can make all the difference for opportunities and high salary ranges. To help job seekers determine which city might be best for them, each year salary website PayScale ranks the top 100 metro areas with highest earning potential. Reviewing factors like the average cost of living, relative commoness of high-paying jobs, and unemployment rates, PayScale determines which U.S. metro areas have the highest median pay. Positions reviewed include titles like, manager, executive, developers, engineers, lawyers, etc.

Because of Silicon Valley, home for many global tech companies, California lands three spots for cities with highest earning potential. While California dominates the list, it’s important to note these metros come with a higher cost of living. If you’re ready to make a career move, here are the top cities with the highest earning potential via PayScale.

1. San Jose, CA
Metro Area: San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara
Median Pay: $103,300 per year
Metro Population: 1,026,908

2. San Francisco, CA
Metro Area: San Francisco, Oakland, Fremont
Median Pay: $85,500 per year
Metro Population: 4,656,132
3. Seattle, WA
Metro Area: Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue
Median Pay: $72,600
Population: 3,733,580

4. Washington, D.C.
Metro Area: Washington, Arlington, Alexandria
Median Pay: $71,900
Population: 6,097,684

5. Boston, MA
Metro Area: Boston, Cambridge, Quincy
Median Pay: $71,900
Population: 4,732,161

6. Bridgeport, CT
Metro Area: Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk
Median Pay: $71,200
Population: 939,904
7. New York, NY
Metro Area: New York, Northern New Jersey, Long Island
Median Pay: $70,700
Population: 23,723,696

8. Houston, TX
Metro Area: Houston, Sugar Land, Baytown
Median Pay: $70,300
Population: 6,490,180

9. Hartford, CT
Metro Area: Hartford, West Hartford, East Hartford
Median Pay: $70,100
Population: 1,211,324

10. Bakersfield, CA
Metro Area: Bakersfield
Median Pay: $69,300
Population: 839,631