Communication majors have a wide range of career areas to choose from because these professionals tend to master some of the most valuable skills hiring managers seek.

Highest Paying Jobs For A Communication Degree

Business Insider turned to PayScale, a compensation database to determine the top paying jobs for a communication degree and the “Experienced Media Pay” earned.

A couple factors went into determining the highest paying jobs: First, they identified the most common jobs in the U.S for people with a bachelor’s degree. Next, they ranked the jobs by “Experienced Median Pay,” including base salary, bonuses, commissions, etc. for those in any given profession with “typical amount of experience.”

Medical Device Sales Reps, Recruiting Directors, and Account Directors topped the list earning more than $100,000 for the EMP. Because of the experience needed, these are the top jobs with the highest earnings. As we go down the list there are manager positions, specialists, and assistants in the Communication field that all earn a good pay check.

View Business Insider’s list below to see the top paying jobs for a communication degree: