There are certain skills that are universally recognized as top skills for job success. If you master these, you will have bigger and better opportunities that come your way.

U.S. News created a list of the top 10 skills that lead to success and we wanted to share them with the job seekers out there.

The Ability to Sell: Learning the art of selling goes a long way. The skills you learn as a sales person can help you in many aspects of life. You may need to pitch a project or campaign, or even have to see yourself in the interview process, so knowing those selling techniques and tricks are helpful.

Transferrable Skills: There are now specific skills, but just ones that you’ve learned or mastered that can be used in other areas. For example, being in the military gives you training in timeliness and team work. Those skills are transferrable skills that any hiring manager would appreciate. Take a moment to think of the soft business skills you’ve learned and figure our which ones are the skills to highlight.

Asking When and How: Asking questions is one of the best things you can do for yourself. There’s a whole lot of information out there to learn and sometimes the only way to do that is ask.

Coding: Having basic knowledge of code will boost your chances of getting hired. You don’t need to be a wiz at coding but having some skills to help the team is always a benefit in an ever increasing technology world.

Communication Skills: The ability to communicate is key in any industry and the majority of jobs require you to have solid communication skills to join their team. Communicating clearly and effectively will improve your work life and increase your chances for promotion.

Interpersonal Skills: Being pleasant and positive in the workplace will go a long way. Not only will this create a better working environment but having strong interpersonal skills will increase your chances of getting noticed and recognized.

Project Management: If you can manage a project, you will be able to produce results. This skill sometimes is overlooked but having project management skills is crucial to any work environment. It helps the flow of the job and creates more structure.

Self-Starter: People who are self-starters are a real asset to a company because they can work independently while representing the company. Having this skills tells hiring managers that you don’t need constant guidance, you are able to take things into your own hands and handle what is given to you.

Curiosity: This goes hand in hand with asking questions. Curious people try to learn as much as possible and doing so while working is very beneficial. Being curious leads to asking important questions that will make you a stronger professional.

Driving Results: If you can produce results then you are a valuable asset to a company. Set targets for yourself to attain and work hard to achieve them. By doing this,  you’ll be able to show you are strong asset to the company.

There are so many skills out there that are great to have, but these skills are ones that every industry and work environment need. Together, these skills will create a stronger professional who is ready and willing to succeed in life and work.