It wasn’t too long ago that all you needed to worry about was how you looked on a resume and in an interview, but now with technology expanding quickly, more and more thought needs to be put into your digital presence and how you showcase yourself online.

Adecco recently did an article on how to present yourself online and what needs to be included to show off your talents/ backup your resume.

Creating an online portfolio is first and for most. This shows potential employers your skills and background while showing off some of your best work. Platforms like WordPress and Squarespace are great was to create inexpensive, professional looking portfolios where you can include video, photo, blogging, just about anything you want to showcase. Even if you just have a polished landing page that links to your resume and social media platforms, this will be helpful for employers and it will show that you’re serious and proud of your work.

Share content that pertains to the field you’re interested in. Find a platform like Feedly, where you can collect articles pertaining to subject matter that interests you and use this to your advantage. Share interesting articles or great advice on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter to show your dedication and interest to the field.

Keeping your LinkedIn profile fresh and updated! Sounds easy enough, but just remember to keep your LinkedIn Profile up-to-date with your work history. Gone are the days where you just have a resume to showcase your experience, LinkedIn is here to show employers and recruiters just how talented you are. Also be sure to join professional groups, add contributions you’ve made, publications you’ve written, or anything else that will make your skills and experience stand out.

Manage your Facebook/Social Media activity. Certain things you post, you might not want potential employers to see. Make sure your privacy settings are set correctly.

Take the time to showcase yourself online. Your digital presence can play a huge roll in the hiring process because it not only helps recruiters and employers learn more about you, but it also shows you’re staying up with the times and serious about your career.