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Job interview success depends on more than what you say. Your body language can also determine whether you become a new employee or remain in the unemployment line. There are certain traits in your body language that are capable of making a recruiter comfortable with you or not. Pay close attention to your body language, for a successful job interview.

During the interview, the person(s) conducting the meeting will be looking, as well as listening. Sometimes, what is not said speaks louder than the actual spoken words. Therefore, it is extremely important to pay attention to the following details:

The Handshake
Feet Positioning
Arm Position
Space between you and the Interviewer
Eye Contact

In fact, if the position is truly desirable, using body language for a successful job interview is worth practicing.

The “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of successful job interviews have been compiled by knowledgeable people that normally sit behind the desk.

The clothing you choose must be professional  and comfortable.

Your handshake must be firm and place your hand in the palm up position.

Sit with both feet on the floor and sitting up straight..

Seating is best left to the interviewer to determine the proper seat for you.

Arm and hand positioning must be relaxed and natural with your hands and arms resting naturally in your lap.

The space between you and the Interviewer is important and leaning gently forward during the conversation can be valuable,

Finally, consistent eye contact is extremely important between you and the interviewer.

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