Many veterans while not having service related injuries do not realize that they still may be eligible for VA health benefits. VA benefits may include access to the VA hospital system, but certainly do not mean that your VA health care is 100% free. If you are in the system, there may be co-pays and limitations to what care is available.  Dental and eye care, for example, are reserved for those permanently and totally disabled or those with service connected disabilities relating to those areas.

Your eligibility is based on your service in the Marines, Army, Air Force, Navy, or Coast Guard. Members of the National Guard or Reserves may be eligible as well if they were called to service by an Executive Order. It is not necessary for you to have served in a war zone or have been injured while in the service.

Your eligibility may be based on many issues including the type of service, type of discharge, service connected disabilities, location of service, types of conditions incurred while in the service and a host of other qualifiers.

To see if you are eligible for VA medical benefits you must fill out an application form after speaking to a VA representative at 1-877-222-VETS (8397). The form can be found at

You will also need to fill out some additional tax forms and provide your DD-214.

For a more detailed article, see Ryan Guina’s article at Military Wallet.

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