Shonna Hetrick was recruited to work for TAD PGS and found that after working with the company in 1998-2000, as a civilian contractor working with the Army Reserve Command in her region, TAD PGS gave her an opportunity to do on-the-job training that eventually led to her current career with them. “I have a strong respect and love for TAD PGS Inc. for helping me succeed in the transition from my military to civilian career. After my personal experiences, I have always felt that TAD would be one of the top companies to be employed at as a Veteran.”

Shonna was able to apply remotely to a specific position that was open, and she was interested in. Once she applied, she received a call back within a few days to have a phone screen, and then set up an in-person interview with the hiring manager. She was able to start with TAD the week after her interview.

When asked how her military skills translated or have been used in the civilian sector, she replied, “In the military I worked in an HR MOS (Personnel Info Sys Mgmt Analyst), and I transitioned into an HR role with TAD performing payroll duties, then eventually moved into a Technical Recruiter position. My success in this position with Tad can definitely be traced back to my military experience.”

Some of the critical factors in veteran hiring is having a company culture that is veteran friendly, understands a military background, and helps guide the veteran through the process of career selection and integration. Shonna feels that TAD PGS did an excellent job on all counts.

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