The interview process can be really intimidating and a new trend in recruitment is video interviews, which means a whole new level of factors to consider when preparing for the interview.

Landing an interview can be nerve wracking enough, but if you’re not used to being on camera, a video interview can be even more intense. While it can be a nerve wracking experience, there are many benefits for both you and the potential employer. Here are some things you need to consider when preparing for a video interview.

Video interview tips and tricks

Camera Angles: Aim the camera towards the top of your head. This is give you the most attractive angle while helping you maintain good posture during the interview. Get your head and shoulders in the frame and not much more. This helps the interviewer stay focused on you and how you present yourself.

Scope Out A Background: Another good idea is to keep the background clear of any noise. Having a clear background is best so the interviewer focuses on you and nothing else.

Wear Solid Colors: Just like the news, it’s best to wear solid colors that don’t distract from the subject.Stay away from white and patterns as they can cause optical illusions of movement or glares. People want to focus on you and not your clothes.

Consider Your Tone: Unlike an in person interview, you have to be aware of how you’re head through the microphone. Sometimes it can make you sound like your in a tin can and computer microphones can pick up many noises in the room adding an unwanted soundtrack to the interview, so be aware and run some trials before hand. If you want the best quality sound, with clear, concise diction, consider purchasing a headset.

Username: When do a video interview, you have to consider your username. Many companies use Skype and if you have a username that is outdated or no business appropriate, you need to create a new one with a more professional tone.

Eye Contact: It’s very hard to remember to look at the camera and not at the screen but it’s an essential part of the video interview to stay focused on the interviewer. Remember that eye contact is key to an in person interview and you need to focus on the webcam and not you’re appearance during the interview.

These are just some video interview tips and tricks that can help get you ready for the camera. Remember, the best thing to do for any interview is prepare. Take time to run trials and make sure the lighting is right, microphone works, you look presentable and so on. Good luck!