Wouldn’t it be great if you could guarantee you’d receive more calls from recruiters after you submit your resume? Well, you can. However, you must start thinking like a recruiter.

Recruiters and hiring managers have specific goals and needs in mind when they are searching for the right person to fill the positions they have. If you understand what their thinking is and target your resume to their ideas, you will get those desired call backs.

The recruiter wants to know why you want to work for their company. A blanket resume sent out to every company will not get their attention. The recruiter or hiring manager has about twenty seconds to scan a resume. The resume that is directed specifically to the position and the company will stand head and shoulders above the “generic” resume. They want to know that you are excited about working for the company and that you are seeking a long-term commitment.

The next concern is what does the company gain if they hire you? Can you fix an existing problem or bring new skill sets into the company structure that will benefit them? Show them what you bring to the company that no other applicant does. Your skill sets and experience may be just what they are looking for and that gets you the call back.

How do they know that you will be a good fit? This is where you must do your homework before submitting your resume. Research the company. Understand the company culture and align yourself as closely as possible to their way of thinking.

If you can objectively think like the recruiter or hiring manager, and ask the same type of questions that they will be asking when you look at your resume, you may be surprised to see the process in a whole different light.

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