So you made it through round one, and you just received a call for a second interview, but how do you prepare? What is a second job interview all about?

Second Job Interview

Different companies conduct interviews differently, but in general a first interview is more or less to screen applicants and weed to the one’s who don’t fit the qualifications. Questions are more general. During a second interview, it’s more about the human element, questions will be more about experience to determine if you will add value to the team and fit into the company culture.

It’s tough to determine what the second job interview will really possess, but there are ways to be ahead of the game. Below are a few ways to prepare for a second job interview and tips to keep in mind.

Prepare to sell yourself. The second interview will help the hiring manager determine whether you’re really cut out for the position. In some cases, there will be others pulled into the interview to assist with technical questions, someone who can ask questions to get down to the nitty gritty of the position and see if your knowledge and skills would fit. Prepare yourself by having stories to tell about past experiences and accomplishments that align with the position.

Ask a lot of questions. It’s always best to have at least 3 or 4 questions for interviewers, this shows you’re prepared and are interested in the position. Just as the second interview, these questions should be a littler more tailored. You made it through the first interview and have a better understanding of the position and company, dig deep for questions pertaining to the team, culture, and position.

Be prepared for salary and benefits negotiations. Take time to research salary and benefits, especially if it’s a job where you’re relocating. Review median salaries for the position you’re interviewing for and determine what type of benefits are important to you  so you’ll be ready with responses and data to back you up.

Dress to impress. As with any interview, you want to look polished and professional. A second interview doesn’t mean it’s time to dress more casual. In fact, this interview is more telling of how you fit into the company and position, so don’t slack off with your attire.

Go with the flow and make welcome small talk. This is a time where it’s appropriate for others to get to know you. Don’t go into too much detail or too off track but have some key points you wouldn’t mind sharing with the interviewer if the time is right. If there are two equally qualified candidates, the hiring manager will mostly likely hire the person who they got along with better.

Don’t forget your thank you letter! It’s always best to follow up with a quick thank you email or letter to the interviewer. Express your interest in the position and emphasize any skills that might land you the position.

Remember, a second job interview brings you that much closer to the offer. It’s an indication that the employer thinks you could be a good candidate for the position, so regardless of if you land the job or not, you should be proud of yourself for making it this far.

Good Luck!