Landing an interview is an exciting thing. It’s one step closer to ending the job search and starting a new path in your career.

Prepare For An Interview

While it may take a few applications before landing an interview, when you do, it’s time to prepare. Many people forget this important step before sitting down with potential employers. Here are a few ways to prepare for an interview so you’re confident and collected when it’s interview time.

Research the role: Understanding exactly what the role entails is a must. This allows for questions and conversation about the skills and experience necessary. It also gives you better insight into what you would be doing if hired.

Knowing your resume, front and back: Many times job seekers tailor their resumes to specific job postings. Most likely there will be a portion you go through that will depend heavily on the content of your resume. Review and understand your resume so you’re prepared to answer questions.

Research the company and interviewer: Use tools like LinkedIn, social media, and the company website to understand the core values, history, and any other valuable information about the company and interviewer. Having some background on who is interviewing you can help put your mind at ease when meeting. The more you know about the company and that person, the better you will look in an interview.

Practice: You don’t have to recite word for word, but it is best to practice answers, explanations, and any other things that might come up in an interview. Review with friends and family so when you’re in the “hot seat” you feel comfortable and confident with your answers.

Know where you’re going: If the interview is unfamiliar territory, review routes and ensure you know where the company is. It’s always best to be a little early, than late so give yourself extra time and plan ahead.

Dress for Success: First impressions are everything so make sure you’re wearing something professional and put together.