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Around the IT Industry:

Hot Mobile Startups to Watch in 2013

How the Government’s 2013 Tech Policy Agenda Will Impact IT

The Big IT Consumerization Stories to Watch in 2013

Facebook has really turned a leaf with its new Graph Search

Will the iPad replace the laptop in 2013?

According to Modis IT:

  • Instagram Users Halved in One Month
  • Tech to Watch For in 2013
  • Dating in the Modern Age
  • A la Carte Cable Channels?  Don’t Count on It
  • Large-Scale Cyberattack Discovered by Kaspersky Labs

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Around the Staffing Industry:

Walmart’s new Veteran Hiring Initiative

Monster acknowledges the end of job boards

Will the NLRB’s Protection of Water Cooler Conversations Trump a Company’s Right to Keep its Investigation Confidential?

Feds plan on attending fewer and more focused events and trade shows next year

Talent Management:

HR Leadership and talent management predictions for 2013

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