Here’s quick snapshot of our favorite blogs with news around the industry!

Around the IT Industry:

  • Papertab Is Taking “Lighter and Thinner” to New Extremes
  • Samsung Announces 8-core Mobile Processor
  • Electrowetting Technology Combines LCD and E-Ink
  • Target Agrees to Price Match Amazon All Year Round
  • Google to Offer Free Public WiFi in NYC

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Around the Staffing Industry:

  • Reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the U.S. Department of the Treasury still show that a college degree help cuts the risk for unemployment and increases opportunities for higher salaries.  More info here:
  • Media Screening employees may help prevent bad hires:
  • The U.S. Labor Department is launching a new campaign that focuses on encouraging kids with disabilities to follow their career aspirations:

Talent Management:

  • Lee Hecht Harrison says that innovation in the workplace starts with decluttering your mind and making room for new ideas:
  • 10 strategic talent areas you should focus on in 2013:


Modis will be hosting the 2013 PennApps Hackathon next weekend (January 18-20th). More than 300 college students will gather in Philadelphia, PA to compete in this event.  For more info on what hackathons are, check out:


AdeccoUSA is hosting a fun new contest this month called New Year, New You 2013. Check it out and enter before Jan 22nd!

The Jobs Report: