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Around the IT Industry: 

Around the Staffing Industry:

  • It’s national Engineers Week!  See what Adecco USA is doing to celebrate engineers around the U.S.
  • The Top 5 trends in Pre-Hire Assessments include: Social Connectivity, Collective Intelligence, Gamification, Credentialing, and Entrepenurial Culture.  Read here to find out more:
  • In a follow up to our post about the Candidate Experience Awards Report last week, CareerBuilder released a report of their own.  It’s saying that 26% of candidates have a bad hiring experience.  That’s not a good statistic in our online world.  Here’s why:

Around Government this Week: 

Talent Management:

  • Did you know that 26% of the average organization’s total workforce is considered contingent or contract based? BLS is seeing this as one of the fastest growing workforce segments. How will you manage this talent? More here:
  • Have you put together an emergency succession plan yet? Here’s an article from CIO on why you should:
  • What HR should know about the Healthcare Reform that will be taking full form in 2014.
  • How to deal with Anti-Social behaviors of the “socially networking” multi-generational workforce.
  • How talent management can drive success in Technology
  • Performance Management Should Focus on Contributions. Here are 3 Strategies to Do Just That:

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