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Around the IT Industry:

With the number of IT professionals growing at 2 ½ times the rate of new IT job openings, it looks like IT hiring is going to be tight this year:

Samsung is about to announce their newest Galaxy S product this March in NYC: but will their new Smartphone meet expectations:

IT department reorganizations are on the horizon.  Lauren Brousell with CIO tells more:

Are you aware of the top 5 things IT pros should know about SaaS Governance?  If not, check here:

According to Modis:

  • Time Warner Unconvinced of Demand for Gigabit Internet
  • Comcast’s New ‘Six-Strikes’ Copyright Infringement Policy In Action
  • Learn to Code from Harvard for Free
  • The Internet Needs a ‘Plan B’
  • New E-Ink Smartphone Could Redefine Battery Life Standards

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Around the Staffing Industry:

Looks like the odds are starting to move from employees to employers.  A new study by shows that pay is decreasing for gov’t contractors and jobs are becoming more competitive.  Check out the article here:

Small Businesses are asking the Government for help:  Some of their suggestions including tax incentives for educating employees, retraining unemployed workforce and immigration reform.

Around the Government:

If you haven’t been following the news about the Sequester, NPR posted 3 Must Read Articles.  They are short, sweet, and to the point.

Talent Management:

Seems like telecommuting is starting to get a bad rep.  Here are two trending articles:

We really like the layout of Talent Management’s Special Report: 2013 Talent Acquisition.  It comes in several parts so you can read what interests you most:

Lee Hecht Harrison shares How to Build a Ready-Now Workforce and their new study with HCI (Scaling Executive Coaching Across the Enterprise).

Ever wonder how Google manages their people decisions?  Analytics of course!  Here are some clear examples of how they do it:

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