Here’s quick snapshot of news around the industry!

Around the IT Industry:

According to Modis:

  •          SimCity Debacle Leads to EA CEO Stepping Down
  •          CTO from Adobe Finds Greener Pastures with Apple
  •          South Korean Banks and TV Broadcasters Target of Cyberattack
  •          Will Google Keep be an Evernote Killer?
  •          Florida’s Election Cyberattack Underscores Voting Security Flaws

Around the Staffing Industry: 

Adecco says in the coming year companies should expect several new training and development solutions, as well as many smaller improvements to those you already use everyday.

According to Staffing Talk:

Talent Management:
How to Know if Employees Are Really Happy [Staffing Industry]
Why Employee Recognition Still Matters [Talent Management]
Employers Focused on Engagement, Healthy Living Initiatives [Talent Management]
People First: Cloud HRM and Talent Management [ZDNet]

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