Here’s quick snapshot of news around the industry!

Around the IT Industry:

According to Modis:

  • The DDoS Attack That Didn’t Shut Down the Internet
  • CIAPC Becomes the Very Thing They Detest By Pirating Pirate Bay
  • Your Real Time Chats Aren’t Being Monitored by the FBI… Yet
  • Yahoo Makes 17-Year-Old App Designer a Millionaire
  • You Can’t Patent Math, Judge Rules

Around the Staffing Industry:

Adecco shares an article from Forbes that discusses a new trend: Challenge Based Interviewing:

According to StaffingTalk:

Talent Management:

Lee Hecht Harrison is starting to see investments in career development as a rising trend. Looks like companies are investing in employees at all levels in order to address skill gaps and prep for growth and innovation.

Did you know that while cost per internal hire is significantly less than external hires, internal staff is less accessible to recruiters? LHH provides tips on how to overcome this here:

Around the Government:

Pentagon reduces furlough days for civilian staff []

DoD releases more details on revised furlough timeline []

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