Here’s quick snapshot of news around the industry!

Around the IT Industry:

According to Modis (our sister company):

  • Dominos Pizza Delivered By Drones?
  • Internet Speed Throttled? Website Blocked? Not in Europe.
  • Japan’s 310 MPH train Undergoes Testing
  • Apple Facing Ban on Older Models of iPhone and iPad
  • New TechnologyPutsSpanishPortCity on the Map

Around the Staffing Industry:

Has your small business kept up with the digital trends of 2013?  Check out these 5 trends you should be focused on.  []

Fistful of Talent addresses how to spot a “real recruiter” in a pool of fake ones.  These are the questions that your team needs to ask to determine what kind of recruiter you have.  [FOT]

A new study shows that the U.S. is a key driver of change in digital recruiting and is ranked #4 across 10 global markets.  [E Releases]

Are you looking to hire millennials, and if so are you ready for their new multimedia resume?  Gozaik is helping candidates create a new type of resume that involves both photo and video.  In addition it aggregates job postings and allows them to apply via a tweet.  [Bostinno]

Looks like hiring based on data, aka “Moneyball” recruiting strategy, may win out over outdated methods.  Just like in the movie, hiring based on statistics may lead to stronger hires.  [BRW]

Talent Management:

Upcoming Webinar from Adecco on “management techniques” will show you how to create a collaborative environment in your workplace and become a more effective manager.  Register for the event here:  It’s happening on Wednesday, June 26 at 2:00pm EST   []

HR seems to be experiencing a sort of “groundhog decade.”  Perhaps we need to “unlearn” a few things in order to solve our repeated problems and move forward again.  [FOT]

Around the Government:

U.S. Senate bill (S.744) will double the annual flow of foreign temporary workers.  These workers of course will compete for available U.S. jobs.  [PR Newswire]

The Department of Labor is granting $10 million to create temporary clean up jobs in Oklahoma. []

The U.S. economy added 175,000 jobs in May which means that growth in hiring is still steady.  [LA Times]

The sequester strikes again!  Unemployment insurance is part of the forced federal budget cuts, which means that unemployment checks will be smaller for the unemployed.  [CNN]

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