Here’s quick snapshot of news around the industry!

Around the Staffing Industry:

Adecco put together a 4 step strategy for “winning the talent war.”  [Adecco]

6 steps to finding the right 3rd party recruiter for your company.  [Fast Company]

Looking to expand your business?  Check out the “Best & Worst Cities for Business.”  [Forbes]

Study reveals that over 50 percent of college grads are either unemployed or underemployed.  [ERE]

Former BLS employee says that the unemployment rate is actually 3 percent higher than what is reported to the public due to the large # of people who have stopped looking.  [NY Post]

Talent Management:

Can the number of jobs someone has held within the last 6 months predict future job performance? Statistically no, but it’s hard to change perceptions.  [Careerealism]

While most companies say that employees are their most important asset, the true measure is on your most recent program that optimized them.  [FOT]

Can a work environment be too positive?  Yes, if it leads to people being overly confident and ignoring their errors.  [Forbes]

To win the war on talent, you will need to offer the right office perks.  [Glassdoor]

Around the Government:

A new study is out that says 1.6 million jobs could be created if Congress cancels sequestration budget cuts.  [Huffington Post]

Obesity is causing issues for OSHA claims and employers have cause for concern as they have to foot the bill.  [Business Insurance]

Fed report suggests that it will be another 2 years until the labor market recovers.  [Reuters]

Around the IT Industry:

Employers are in for a surprise if they are looking to hire engineers.  The demand is so great right now that those salaries are exploding.  [CNN Money]

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