Here’s quick snapshot of news around the industry!

Recruiting News:

  • Have you seen these 3 new nifty tools that make sourcing candidates easier? Trust me; your recruiters will love you. [FOT]
  • Jobr, a new mobile app that speeds up the connection between job seekers and recruiters just launched with easy to use “swipe right/swipe left” features. [Tech Crunch]
  • As staffing buyers are warming up to ACA costs, discussions have shown the expected increase will be anywhere from $1.00 to $1.50/hour. [Staffing Industry]
  • You know it’s bad when workers start suing employers for work conditions of job they pursue. [WLNS]
  • Survey shows that millennials are more likely to lie when taking a day off vs. older workers. [Mashable]
  • UK study reveals that candidates value responsiveness in staffing firms over “good network of contacts.” Wonder what that same study would show in the U.S.? [Recruiter]
  • What if you charged candidates for interview feedback? This FOT blogger suggests offering a “first class” service for those who are willing to pay. [FOT]

Talent Management:

  • Study says 68% of people who described their teams as “very successful” have more than half of their team members in different locations. That’s why more and more professionals are throwing work-life balance out the window in favor of work-life integration. [Fast Company]
  • While “bench strength” is a popular tool for succession planning, it has shown to damage morale amongst top players. [HR Reporter]
  • Hiring awesome talent for your projects starts with ditching the generic job description and required essay questions. [Forbes]
  • The difference between the war for talent during the .dotcom era and now is the lack of the “right talent.” [Fox Business]

Around the Government:

  • Low employee morale among federal employees is hindering recruitment efforts. [Fierce Government]
  • While data shows that 90% of National Guard enlisters were prompted to apply after being exposed to NASCAR marketing efforts, it is unclear exactly how effective this effort is now. The senate will be reviewing money spent on recruiting efforts in hopes to curb waste. [USA Today]

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