A recruiter has an affinity for making decisions on whether or not to read a resume in a very short amount of time. In order to make your resume readable to and get beyond the first glance stage, you must understand that there are a multitude of things that recruiters do not like to see. If they see these items, you can be sure your resume may not get any further in the process.

A recent article in CNN highlights seven deadly sins in writing your resume.

1) Using a ridiculous email address.  [email protected]. That is not even close to being professional. If you want to project professionalism in any career search, and you should, be realistic and professional with your email address.

2) Making spelling or grammar errors. Use spell check and grammar check and show your professionalism.

3) Including wild graphics, unusual fonts or colors on your resume.

4) Not using keywords specific to the career you are applying for. Research the position you are applying for and focus on the keywords that are specific to that position.

5) Stating everything but your accomplishments. Keeping the resume short and highlight your accomplishments.

6) Writing too much. Recruiters will not wade through long resumes. They want to see short focused resumes. Bullet pointing scores high points as well because they can see everything they need to see without wading through paragraphs of unnecessary wording

7) Include the dates of your employment. Lapses in employment should be explained.

For more detailed information see CNN

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