Taking the time to step into your employees shoes really helps managers to understand the full scope of what their staff does everyday.  It also helps them to understand how their business or department can run more smoothly.

Anessa Merit Norberg, small business owner, discusses this topic via Inc Magazine.  Her article, “You should do everything yourself (seriously),” shares three reasons why this is so important. 

  • What Works Is Not Always Best
  • Sometimes People Needlessly Re-invent the Wheel
  • Problems Get Pushed Aside

She goes on to say that rotating through the various departments helps her to stay fresh on creative ways to keep her company focused on the right things.  This is not something you can delegate.  You just have to do it for yourself.

Have you tried this before?  If so, did it work for your organization?  If not, how do you keep your team moving towards your company goals?