Being prepared for a job interview is key to success. That’s why it is important to practice answering difficult interview questions, like, “Why are you leaving your current job?” This is a typical question asked during interviews, so preparing beforehand will ensure a proper, professional answer, even if you have already moved on.

Ways to answer why are you leaving your current job?

Hiring managers ask questions to get to know you and your desired career goals. Even though it can make candidates panic, this interview question helps employers understand what is important to you and if the position will be a right fit. Staying positive, no matter what the reason, is key to nailing this tricky question.

Here are a few suggestions to help answer this grueling interview question professionally and positively so you are confident and clear about your future goals.

  1. You’re looking for greater work flexibility.
  2. You’re looking for new challenges.
  3. You’re seeking to advance your career.
  4. You want to take on more responsibility.
  5. You believe the prospective employer’s job opening is a great fit for your skills and experience.
  6. You’re seeking better work-life balance.
  7. You’re looking to move your career in a different direction.
  8. You’re looking for an opportunity where you can make a difference.
  9. You weren’t looking to change jobs, but came across their posting and think it would be a great fit for you.
  10. You have a desire to relocate.

Regardless of why you’re leaving your current position, remember to never bad mouth your current employer. This can lead to hiring managers thinking you could bring negativity into the workplace or speak poorly about the company in the future. Bringing any kind of negativity into an interview can quickly end an opportunity. Reinforce the reason you’re moving forward and promote yourself positively while doing so.