You have finally gotten the call for an interview. You must prepare for the all important interview like it is the most important day of your life. It might well be. It is certainly a big step to your next career. How do you prepare for an interview though?

Lazlo Block, Author of “Work Rules: Insights from inside Google that will transform how you live and lead” provides some interesting insights.

1) Predict the future. You can anticipate many of the questions you will get in an interview. Write them down and be prepared for them. If you have a problem thinking of some questions, Google “interview questions” until you have a list.

2) Plan your attack. For every question, write down the answer. This makes your mind remember the response and the answer comes easily when asked.

3) Have a backup plan. Have several answers to each question as you may be able to see where the interview is going and adjust your answer accordingly.

4) Prove yourself. Every question should be answered with a response that shows what you can do and how your experience applies.

5) Read the room. This is critical. Look at the interviewer and then look at the room. Are they any personal pictures or items that you can mention that can make the interview more personal? A picture of the interviewer’s family, a boat, an activity, or anything that shows opens a peek into the interviewer’s background.

6) Make it to Carnegie Hall. Practice your answers over and over again until they are a smooth consistent response. The practice will pay huge dividends in the interview process.

For further details see Work Rules

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