At the beginning of the last century, almost all married women stayed home as housewives. Today, the labor market looks much different. 7 out of 10 mothers are working, most of them full time. Out of 83 million moms in the United States, roughly 61% of them work. Working moms account for almost one-fifth of all employed individuals.

On top of that, working women are also spending time cleaning, cooking or taking children to their sport/music activities in the afternoons. With Mother’s Day coming up soon, we talked with four mothers who shared with us the secrets of multitasking and how to balance work and life activities. Here is what they can advise us on the balancing act.

Marisela Vega, Volume Recruiting Manager, TAD PGS









I have two full time jobs, one with TAD and the other one at home. Being a mom is a bit more demanding because we have to be available 24/7. Finding a balance is very hard. I like spending time with my little one Melanie (6) and then sitting down with my oldest Daisy (16) and talk about her day and her friends. The number one thing I try to make them understand is no matter what, we need to appreciate the smallest things in life and not take anything for granted, especially one another.

There is never free time for a mom. If I’m lucky I get to sit down and watch the news for a couple of minutes. I’ve been dreaming for years now for a chance to just sit in my bathtub holding a glass of wine, with music and candles. But I wouldn’t change my career decisions or my kids. My kids find beauty in everything, and they laugh at the silliest things. I realized that laughing and acting silly can make us feel so good.

Tips for other working mothers:

Take it day by day and be very patient. It’s very easy for us to get stressed out at work and take it home with us.

Sheri Clinard, Office Administrator, TAD PGS









Being a single mom, I worked two jobs for many years. I felt guilty about having to work full time when my daughter was little. You should never feel guilty for wanting to provide for your children! Looking back, I taught my daughter that she can be a strong and independent woman. You are the most influential role model your children will ever have! And I have learned just how resilient and accepting children are. Every day is a new experience.

I am helping my daughter with my two grandchildren, Desmond (4) and Khir (18 months). After a full day of work, that can be exhausting. Finding a balance was a challenge for me in the first few months. I make certain that I am up earlier in the morning, thus giving myself a few  “golden moments”  before the boys’ feet hit the ground. In my “spare” time,  I run a pet retention program for my community. We provide food, medications and resources for those who need help with their pets.

Liya Yitna, Program Manager, TAD PGS

Liya Yitna Family Picture






Every time I feel discouraged and overwhelmed, I remind myself what my mother and sister did to be where they are now. My mother had a full-time job and raised four children. My sister once was working full-time, going to school and raising her one-year old daughter to become a successful engineer. It takes a lot of energy and dedication but if you stay strong and know how to balance between your career and personal life, you can have it all.

Honestly, it is not an easy thing to achieve, but it can be done. It requires patience and organization. In order to stay organized, I take notes and use Outlook to help me. Most parts of my job are done through emails.  I color code my emails and set reminders to make sure I follow up and complete tasks before deadlines.

Thanks to our leadership, the 9/80 schedule helps me take some time off and enjoy my day with my daughter Amelia (2 1/2). Once you have a child of your own, you see the world differently. You have more sympathy towards others and are more willing to help them and understand their problems.

Maria Gomez, Engineering Recruiting Manager, TAD PGS


I had the best of both worlds – my family and my job. My kids, and now my grandchild, Josiah James (1 year and 4 months), were my motor and my inspiration. I learned from my daughter Bibiana about determination and goal setting. In only three years, she received her Bachelor Degree in psychology and her Master’s Degree in marriage counseling. You just need to discipline yourself to be able to achieve what you want. I also make the effort to have personal downtime and spend time with my grandson. I would not change a thing. Life is wonderful!

In order to stay organized, I establish an action plan in the mornings and execute everything that I have planned for the day. I became even better organized after having children. Having kids teaches you to be more responsible and how to be proactive and not reactive.

Time management tips for other working mothers:

As a mother don’t forget to love your kids, hug them, kiss them. Let them know every moment you have with them how important they are in your life, but more importantly, teach them to love God. Spend quality time with them. They will remember those five minutes for the rest of their life!