At TAD PGS, Inc., we work exclusively with the federal government, its contractors, and our partners so we’re fully immersed in all of the requirements and regulations of everything from contracting to security clearances to niche fields.

Our executives and staff members sit on boards of many government and military organizations which keep us on top of the industry, but also give us access to some of the most qualified personnel to meet your human capital needs.

TAD PGS, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Adecco, Inc, operating through the mandates of a Proxy Agreement under oversight responsibility of the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (“DCSA”) to mitigate Foreign Ownership, Control, and Influence (“FOCI”).

TAD PGS, Inc. specializes in federal government procurement. As such, our staff has an extensive history in working with all federal procurement and labor regulations.


We work directly with U.S. government agencies, prime contractors, and subcontractors and have active contracts with over 30% of the top 100 federal contractors. TAD PGS, Inc. provides services on time and material contracts and labor hour contracts on a commercial item basis.

We offer traditional staffing services that comprise staffing, temporary staffing, direct placement and payrolling services.

We can provide many levels of service from basic staffing services to full scope outsourcing of recruitment. We also provide program management, development and training solutions, and staffing centers of excellence for large programs.

Yes. TAD PGS, Inc. has a mentoring program where we work with select companies to develop them into strong independent organizations. We support them in business development, proposal writing, staffing and financing.

International Operations

Yes, we can support your programs CONUS and OCONUS in theatre and out. There can be some limitations so make sure that you speak with your representative.

TAD PGS, Inc. maintains current registrations for the International Trade in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the Joint Certification Program (JCP).


As a part of the Adecco Group, TAD PGS, Inc. offers its services on a commercial item basis. As such, we are exempt from the Cost Accounting Systems and the requirement to have approved systems.

TAD PGS, Inc. has partnered with leading Web-based Vendor Management Systems for approximately ten years to deliver effective solutions that pair with our management capabilities and staffing services.

We have extensive experience working with most of the major Vendor Management Systems/Managed Service Providers (VMS/MSP) in the market today.

If we are a partner on your team, we will invest our business development efforts into developing and winning task orders on IDIQ contracts.


We have numerous opportunities for retired military personnel, both contract and direct hire. We actively participate in job fairs around the U.S. to recruit retired military for our clients.

We partner with a number of organizations including Warriors to Work, The Wounded Warrior Project, the Welcome Back Warriors Project and Disability Mentoring Day to help our disabled veterans find fulfilling and challenging work.

We do offer benefits packages for our contractors which vary by the contract.

Yes. Together with our parent company, Adecco Group, we have clients and offices around the United States and abroad. Chances are, no matter where you’re located, we can help you find work that fits your skills.

Security Clearances

We offer positions that do not require a clearance to those ranging from positions of trust, DoD confidential through top secret, and DoE “Q” and “L” clearances.

No. Personnel security clearances are only initiated when employees will have a need for access to classified information to perform his or her job duties.

The purpose of a security clearance is to determine whether a person is able and willing to safeguard classified national security information, based on his or her loyalty, character, trustworthiness and reliability.

TAD PGS, Inc. plays an integral role in providing high quality and reliable work force solutions to the Department of Defense, Homeland Security and many other federal agencies that have access to and handle sensitive national defense information.

Yes. If selected for one of our cleared positions, we will sponsor your clearance if you do not have one. Obtaining security clearances for employees is a routine part of our security department’s function. Our security team consists of seasoned veterans who will initiate your application and assist you throughout the process.

No. The hiring process addresses whether someone will be initially selected for a particular position. The security clearance process does not begin until after an applicant has accepted a job offer in writing.

Depending on how long it has been since you last used your clearance, having had a previous investigation may decrease the amount of time it takes to bring your clearance up to date and increase the chance for an interim clearance to be granted.

The TAD PGS, Inc. security staff can assist you. Contact us at [email protected] or telephone 941-746-4833, Mon-Fri, 8 am to 5 pm EST. To learn more, go to the U.S. Dept. of Defense, Defense Security Service (DSS) webpage: http://www.dss.mil/disco/indus_disco.html