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Together with our parent company, Adecco Group, we have clients and offices around the United States and abroad. Chances are, no matter where you’re located, we can help you find work that fits your skills.


As a contractor for TAD PGS, Inc., benefits will vary by the contract. Depending on your assignment, benefits available include medical coverage, 401K, direct deposit, paid holidays and skills training. For a full description of benefits available to you, be sure to talk with your recruiter. If you’re a direct hire employee, you’ll have access to your employer’s benefits program.

Consulting is one of the most rewarding and flexible career choices today and there are numerous opportunities for contracting with TAD PGS, Inc. These contracts can vary from minimal hours working off-site to full-time opportunities working on-site. It just depends on the needs of our clients and the availability of our contractors. Aside from a flexible work schedule and environment, contracting can be a very rewarding experience. Candidates can often use their skills to the greatest degree with:

Engaging and challenging work

▪ Access to cutting edge technology

▪ Working alongside dedicated colleagues

▪ An opportunity to collaborate with others within your field

▪ Work-life balance

▪ Employee benefits

In a sense, contractors walk a fine line adhering to regulations and standards of both their contracting organization and your employer, TAD PGS, Inc.

While returning to the civilian workforce can often be a challenge, you often employ the unique knowledge and skills that are in demand amongst our government and military clients. Fostering these skills and providing additional training to disabled veterans is a one of our key focuses. We’ve formed alliances with a number of initiatives to help you obtain a challenging, fulfilling career.  Join the discussion today on our LinkedIn Veteran’s Group.

At TAD PGS, Inc., we feel it’s our role to support military spouses in their career goals and help them achieve professional success. Because of our national reach, we’re uniquely structured to help you find employment across the U.S. through our national Career Connections program. Create a profile on our career center today so that we can start matching you to opportunities in your area.

As a returning veteran, you possess many of the characteristics our employers’ desire – leadership, discipline and teamwork. Your unique skill sets and strong work ethic make you highly employable and we are dedicated to finding you an opportunity. We provide additional career support and training to help returning veterans succeed including career counseling, resume enhancement, interview training and online skills training. For more career advance, subscribe to our blog and join our LinkedIn Veteran’s Group.