2015 is shaping up to be a great year for employment opportunities, career changes and job seekers in general. Companies are hiring more than ever and this year you will see a big change in the way hiring managers approach job recruitment.

Recruiters will see an increase in budget to find good candidates, which could mean for an even more competitive hiring environment. As the economy continues to strengthen, the budgets will increase, giving the recruitment and hiring departments more priority. With that being said, recruiting leaders are going to need a strong strategy to have a leg up in the ever growing field of finding a job.

Social networks are opening a whole new door to the recruiting industry while still giving the companies a chance to promote talent brand. Hiring top candidates can get expensive if promoting and measuring it, so more companies will use social and professional networks to get the message out there and recruit new hires.

Innovative HR software and more mobile friendly applications will also be trending. As more and more job seekers use their phones, companies will need to start creating mobile friendly sites. An estimated 83 percent of job seekers use their phone while only about 20 percent of large companies have mobile friendly sites, but 2015 is shaping up to be the year for mobile transitioning. There are also a number of online tools that offer effective solutions for recruiting efforts and the trend will continue to increase.

Over the last few years, job recruitment and job searching has changed dramatically and continues to make changes as the world becomes more digital. There are several key changes that 2015 will bring to the recruiting sector, changing the way potential candidates approach the job search.

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