Every hiring manager has a different style, but there are some interview questions that you can almost guarantee you will be asked.

The Daily Journal has researched and collected the common interview questions and they might be trickier than you would think. So next time you land an interview, research and practice these answers.


Interview Questions

Tell me about yourself:

This can trip anyone up, and make an interviewee think that the hiring manager wants personal details, but don’t lose sight of the goal. You aren’t here for small talk, they want to know about your work ethic, skills, career background so they have a better feel for who you are. Practice a short, simple answer that shows what you can offer if hired.

What are you strengths, and why should we hire you?

Stay confident and present you strengths in a way that shows you can handle the situation given. Be confident with your explanation so you can back up your explanation. To prepare for this question, take time to write down your skills then compare with the job posting and figure out what skills they are really looking for.

What is your greatest weakness and how did you overcome it?

Some say to answer it with some sort of strength that you can trick into being a weakness, but that’s not always the best idea. It doesn’t show anything about yourself. One of the best way to answer the question is to show an actual weakness, that doesn’t impair your pending job, and how you overcame it.

How did you hear about our company? What do you know about us? Why do you want to work here?

This is one of those triple whammies but it’s easy to prepare for the answer. Research the company and find attributes that attract you to. Discover what the mission is, who they are in the industry, the history and understand the product or service.

What would your previous employer say about you?

No matter what happened, whether good or bad, just keep it positive and simple. Stick to showing your skills and strengths.

You can never know exactly what questions you will be asked, but these are very common. They explain a lot about a person without having to say too much. Research and prepare for each interview, that will show the hiring manager you are serious about the position and company, it will also let them see you are a go getter that does the research.