Michael Burrows Franchise Owner at H3O Aquatics

My name is Michael Burrows. I am a Medical Service Captain in the U.S. Army Reserves, have a Masters’ Degree in Business, am a personal trainer, and have recently been asked to open the First H3O Aquatics franchise in the country.
It goes without saying, that a logical and responsible concern of franchisors is the integrity and reliability of their independent franchise owners. As is scrupulously questioned throughout almost any interview process, franchisors are looking for an individual with ample experience in governance, management, and delegation, namely a leader. This is where most Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and Officers have much expertise.
Most, if not all, of the traits that are universally desired in the selection process of franchisees comes second nature to prior service men and women. With the state of American business becoming increasingly international, diverse, and mutable, business leaders are expected to handle and delegate new business situations that were not present in previous decades. Modern business executives must possess the skills to not only flawlessly think and execute on their toes, but also hold the ability to change course and adapt in the seemingly ever-changing world of business. This is everyday life to a soldier, either stationed CONUS or OCONUS.
However, adaptability is only one of many vastly important qualities that a franchisee should possess. A franchisee leader should also be an effective communicator, a goal setter, an achiever, and a relatable professional. From the first day of entering the military, a soldier understands and respects the necessary time and obligations expected of him/her. Throughout a military career, a soldier agrees to not only accept these challenges, but also represent an organization of millions to others. Beginning on day one, and throughout their career, military members are bombarded with new environments, constant challenges, and increasing responsibility. Over the course of a veteran’s military service, he/she inevitably works his/her way up through the ranks to increasingly encompassing leadership roles. All of these qualities are where military veterans separate themselves as diverse qualified leaders compared to the average business professional.

In this way, veterans possess leadership skills that necessitate relatability to those working under them. Additionally, veteran leaders have been expected to effectively communicate with others while working to accomplish both personal and group goals, which is exactly what they must do as a franchisee. Finally, these military leaders were consistently placed in situations in which failure was not an option, the same as in starting a franchise business. It is through these situations that the true adaptability and goal orientation of military leaders shine.
I have had a great experience working with my Franchisor and feel that the military has developed me into a perfect fit as a Franchisee in the business world. Just like there are many different jobs in the military, there are even more different franchise opportunities to take part in.
If you would like to know more or ask me a question about franchising please email me at [email protected] Please feel free to add and share me on Linkedin, FaceBook, and Twitter. You can also visit our website at H3OAquatics.com.
Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
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