Best Jobs For Creative Minds

There are many types of people in the world, some are more analytical, some are more creative. Either way, there are fields or industries that are better for your type of personality.

Creative people like options and the freedom to do what they do best, create. Jobs need to be focused on their interests, skills and keep their attention. There are a variety of creative people, from the shy to social butterflies, so finding the right industry for your creativity is key in a successful career.

Jobs for Creatives


Here are some of the best jobs for creative minds:

Hair and Beauty Industry: People who work in this industry are very creative, some more than others but these professions allow people to create works of art and make others feel good while doing it! They get to inspire self-confidence while helping others look and feel better using their creativity to the fullest. This is also a very social industry, which is great for someone who likes to talk to or be inspired by other creative individuals.

Journalism and Writing: These fields allow people to express a story in their own voice. Journalism gives you the opportunity to engage with others in interviews, editing, etc, but writing in general gives creative minds an outlet, a way to explain or express themselves.

Marketing and Events: Marketing is a great way to let your imagination take over. You need to understand people, products, and how to grab interest for that product. These professionals often have to promote and plan events where they create visually stimulating places and ways to promote.

Photography and Film: This area is a no brainier for creatives. Creatives can be shy individuals who might not know how to express themselves, so these jobs are a way for you to be in your comfort zone while using creativity. Photography is a great way for shy creatives who see the world differently. It’s an area where you interact with others on different levels. Filmmakers are the same except they create words and stories for others to speak to the world.

Home Design: This industry is great for creatives because it allows you to be hands on while allowing others to collaborate with you. It often involves someone’s idea or design and how it can be turned into reality. This is a great profession to use imagination and creative juices to create better places and spaces.

Entertainment: This area is the epitome of creativity! You use your whole body when performing and in times create another personality. While this is a difficulty field to break into and maintain, passion is what drives most.


Some industries require a little training while others will likely require fairly extensive study. For the latter, groups like Careers Australia offer a range of qualifications and training that can help you begin your new career. It’s just up to you to put your career plans in motion!