As more and more veterans struggle with disability claims and compensation issues, I am often asked “Can the VA reduce my disability benefits? The VA can request a reexamination of your disability to see if it still exists and determine whether or not they should maintain the original rating.

That being said, it is highly unlikely that your rating will be reexamined and even if it is , it may not affect your rating. More importantly, there are several factors that come into play. For example, many service connected disabilities are considered protected, meaning they will probably not be subject to reexamination. Ratings that are considered permanent and total and ratings that are based on a lost limb for example are considered “static” and will not be subject to reexamination.

If you are reviewed, your rating may increase based on new evidence or a declining condition such as hearing loss or eyesight, diabetes, that are service connected injuries or maladies.

Why the VA Reexamines Veterans with a Service-Connected Disability Rating?

In an article by Ryan Guina, he states;

“The why is easy to answer. Not all medical conditions are permanent. Some injuries heal over time, at least to some degree. The VA wants to ensure they are compensating you for your injuries at an appropriate rate. When you are assigned a disability rating, the VA also determines if they will want to reexamine you in the future. This typically only happens for injuries that have a reasonable expectation of improving over time. Reexaminations are usually scheduled within two to five years after the initial examinations, or they can take place any time there is material evidence in your change of condition. You will receive a Reexamination Letter detailing what will take place, and when”.

For an excellent examination of the question, see Ryan’s article at The Military Wallet.

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