Welcome to our candidate focused weekly blog.  This week we are focused on how you can make sure your resume gets noticed first.

When it comes to your job search, assumptions can stop your progress dead in it’s tracks.  The following assumptions are just a few that can quickly kill your chances:

  • Overloading your resume with keywords
  • Forcing yourself to a one page maximum
  • Including “references available upon request”
  • Thinking your resume is the “magic elixir” to a job

Want to know the #1 secret to a successful job search?  The answer is so simple that most people forget to do it. 

Everyone knows that they should proofread their resume, but did you know that having too few job changes could have a negative effect on your job search too?  While many job seekers avoid the big no-nos, most overlook these 4 resume mistakes that can have just as big an impact.

Don’t use generic words on your resume!  Make sure to consult the 15 best and worst word lists for your resume  so that you are describing your experience in the best light.

Do you give everyone the same resume?  What about packing in too much info?  These mistakes are easily fixed and absolutely necessary if you want to find your next dream job.

Beating an Applicant Tracking System is key to getting noticed by recruiters.  Make sure you start with a blank page, use the right keywords and keep the format basic.

Tech resumes need just as much loving care as other resumes do.  Follow these 10 tips to make sure your tech resume doesn’t get thrown to the bottom of the pile.

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