Having strong friendships and connecting with others can benefit you in more ways than you think.

In a time where it’s more about who you know, employers are looking for referrals, recommendations and word of mouth to help guide them in the right direction for candidates. And your friends, might just be the ammo you need to land the job of your dreams.

When you already get along with someone, you have the added benefit of knowing you can work well together. An article from The New York Times mentioned the fact that referred employees are 15% less likely to quit their jobs which in turn has created dedicated teams to referrals for many companies. Companies are usually more willing to hire someone through a referral because they want to know they are hiring someone who won’t disappoint.

7 ways your friends can help you in your

So how can your friends help? Use the helpful tips to get a little help from your friends!

First and foremost,” the only way to have a friend is be one,” in other words make sure you help your friends out. Connect with friends, find out what they do, and expand your network. If someone needs help, help them out and when you need a favor, they will remember the person you are.

Don’t be shy about your career aspirations. If people don’t have a clue what you want to do, then it will be harder to move forward. If you are vocal about the job you want, you might be the first person that comes to mind when a new opportunity arises at their company.

Discussing work with friends can give them some added insight into what you want to do, what skills you have and where you want to go in your career. When you decide to enter the job market, be sure to discuss your ideal work environment.

Many people have no clue what positions their company is looking for, so ask your friends to be on the lookout but make sure you are too. Don’t wait for them, be proactive and search the careers page of companies your friends work at. If you find something that interests you, reach out to your friend. Get all the info you can so you know if it’s a good fit. Having an insider into a company you’re interested in, can be a huge benefit during the job search.

Friends who work at a company that you’re interested in can be a valuable tool. Ask for details about the department, coworkers, the company, and any other questions that might help you gain knowledge about the position.

Referral incentives can help employees bring in candidates so don’t forget to ask friends if their company has one! In The New York Times article, they said some companies want to have up to around 50% new hires from internal referrals. Incentives can help meet that demand.

Once again, it comes down to “you scratch my back, I scratch yours.” Ask your friend for a referral in a way that can be beneficial to both sides.

Don’t be upset if friends say “no.” There is a lot riding on referring someone and there are plenty of reasons they might not feel comfortable. Just remember, it never hurts to ask and many times, friends are your best foot in the door!