There are plenty of things that can help you move in the right direction, but did you ever think music might be one of them? Listening to music can do more good for us than you think! It can improve performance and productivity, make you more confident, and even help you become more detail oriented.

Below are a few ways music can be that boost you need in the right direction.

Music can lead to increased confidence. Research shows that listening to certain types of music can improve confidence which can lead to better interview performance. High-power, bass-heavy songs tend to increase feelings of power, dominance and determination. The study showed that those who listened tho the bass-heavy music were more apt to take on a debate concluding that listening to high-intensity music and boost performance and confidence during interviews.

Music can make you more productive in the work place. A study titled,The effect of music listening on work performance, by Teresa Lesiuk details that workers who listen to music completed tasks faster and at a better quality. The study also revealed that music listening workers were more positive and creative.

 Music can lead to better attention to detail and meet deadlines. Listening to music can improve your performance. A study done by Mindlab International on behalf of MusicWorks, revealed that nine out of 10 workers perform better when listening to music. Participants completed tasks over a five day period while listening to one of four music genres or no music at all to determine results.

“The take-home message is that music is a very powerful management tool if you want to increase not only the efficiency of your workforce but also their mental state, their emotional state – they’re going to become more positive about the work,” said Dr David Lewis, a neuropsychologist and chairman of Mindlab International, the company that conducted the research.


It’s not  just classical music that boosts mental activity….. Participants who listened to pop music performed data entry at a rate of 58% faster than no music at all. It also showed that pop and dance music are best for spell-checking.

Listening to music can help boost your career in the right direction. So the next time you need to focus, put some headphones in and jam out to some music.