You’re feeling pretty good after the job interview, but the moment of truth hits when that fateful email comes through.

How To Handle Job Rejection

Job rejection is a tough thing to handle. There are a lot of emotions that hit you — disappointment, frustration, worry, etc, but there are certain ways to handle it like a professional so you leave the door open for future opportunities

Push through the emotions and respond promptly and professionally to the email. They took the time to let you know the decision, now it’s your turn to show once again why you’re a great candidate.

Start with a thank you. Being polite and respectful despite the situation demonstrates professionalism. The decision was made for a reason, and whether you were the best candidate or not, it’s a good opportunity to touch base once more and show the wonderful person you are by thanking them for their time and consideration.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask if they could provide any feedback on the interview or if there was anything specific that hindered you from moving forward with the hiring process. Asking questions leaves it open for them to respond. These answers will help you understand the decision made and also give you insights into areas you can work on.

Leave the door open. Let the HR manager or recruiter know you’re still interested in the company. Ask them to keep your resume on file and please keep you in mind for future positions. “If another position comes up – or if the candidate you hired doesn’t work out – I would still love the opportunity to join the team.”

While it might be a tough thing to do, stay positive and don’t let the job rejection take over. Responding promptly and professionally to the email shows you can handle tough situations and gives you the opportunity to maintain a positive relationship with the company.